Iryna Warren

Financial Advisor | Merrill

Iryna Warren understands personal and financial vulnerability and is committed to protecting client’s wealth and respecting their legacy. Immigrating to the US from Ukraine around twenty years ago, Iryna found herself starting over in a new country with a financial system very new to her. She began studying accounting but overnight her plans were upended by her husband’s serious health diagnosis. Facing the possibility of being the sole provider for her young family, Iryna changed direction and, from the bottom up, learned how to take control of her finances to protect her family and future.

Today, an experienced Financial Advisor, she enjoys helping women take financial charge of their lives. Iryna focuses on offering a comprehensive approach to managing wealth that begins with listening to a client’s needs and helps to ensure the client understands the reasoning behind every potential solution.

Iryna speaks three languages and is active in the Capital Speakers Club of Washington, D.C. and the Welcome to Washington International Club, both of which foster international understanding, respect and friendship to build a more peaceful world.

Iryna holds a B.A. in International Relations, Kyiv, Ukraine, and the Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor (CRPC®) designation.

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