Dr. Shelly Bhowmik

Founder | Platform Wellness

Shelly Bhowmik, MD MPH is the founder of Platform Wellness and creator of the ReST Revive Strive Thrive® resilience framework. As a corporate wellness expert, Dr. Bhowmik helps organizations create inclusive workplaces by enhancing their DEI strategy with wellbeing solutions. Her work is based on the belief that mindset is medicine, a belief she came to realize through her own journey that began at the edge of a subway platform. Dr. Bhowmik is a double board certified physician specializing in Preventive Medicine and Lifestyle Medicine. She earned her medical degree from George Washington University and completed her residency at Johns Hopkins University. Now based in New York City, Dr. Bhowmik has the privilege of serving organizations that include the Federal Reserve, NBA, and Chanel.

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