Dr. Jade Singleton

Co-founder of Johnson Squared Consulting

Dr. Jade Singleton is the co-founder of Johnson Squared Consulting and operates as the boutique Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) firm’s strategic partner.

She is also a senior (DEI) consultant at NASA’s Science Mission Directorate, leading a full team of specialists as they work to actualize an agency that represents the diversity of the nation.

Before her DEI-focused work, Jade spent more than a decade designing and deploying impactful communications, people and leadership strategies at the nation’s top investment firms to include Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae.

Jade earned a master’s degree in Leadership & Communications from Gonzaga University. Her published thesis: Leadership Challenges: African American Communication in the Corporate Environment, has been highly cited by academics and business practitioners alike. She holds her Doctor of Education from George Fox University, completing a forward-leaning dissertation on workplace gaslighting and its impacts to psychological safety.

Jade’s greatest joy is teaching. She has led highly impactful workshops and panel experiences at organizations of all sizes and across education, science and finance sectors.

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