Dr. Blair K. Robinson-Price

Author, Leadership Development Trainer, Speaker & Coach

Dr. Blair K. Robinson-Price is an author, leadership development trainer, speaker, and coach. She has a passion for inspiring people to unlock their potential and reignite their Why by encouraging innovation, commitment, and passion. Her straight-forward nature encourages authentic and energizing conversations that challenge people to identify their inner strengths and abilities and foster the confidence to realize their full potential. Dr. Blair is the CEO of Strategize for Success, LLC. She is a sought-after coach, trainer, and speaker. She has taught on various topics for seminars, workshops, and retreats. As a certified John Maxwell Coach, Teacher, and Speaker, Dr. Blair offers workshops, seminars, keynote speaking, and training aiding her clients’ personal and professional growth through application of proven leadership methods. Dr. Blair is trained and certified in a variety of assessment tools including MBTI®, FIRO®, and John Maxwell DISC. As an executive coach, she works with entry level, mid-level, and senior level leaders and executives to enhance their leadership skills while helping them to identify areas of strengths which encourage them to become more self-aware and effective leaders.

Peer Discussion Topic: Unleash Your Inner Expertise: Key Strategies to Build Subject Matter Expertise 

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