Donna Ross-Jones

Founder/CEO of Transition Music Corporation (TMC)

Ross-Jones, Founder/CEO of Transition Music Corporation (TMC), is an expert in music publishing, music supervision, and the management of music IP. She’s a successful entrepreneur, artist manager, and advocate for social change. TMC is one of the top 100 Music Publishers in the United States. Jones’ recognition includes 10 Platinum and Gold Records and supervising an Emmy award-winning show. Most recently, she was recognized as Essence Magazine’s Entrepreneur of Excellence and “Inspiration of the Year” by the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) for her impact on the industry.

Jones has represented artists, including superstar Eddie Murphy and published hit records with Anita Baker, Heart, Stevie B., and more. Working with Eddie Murphy, Jones fell in love with connecting music to pictures. Today TMC is a leading independent publisher and the de facto music department for Byron Allen’s growing Allen Media Group. TMC manages all aspects of the music processes and provides the music for more than 30 TV series, ES Motion Picture Division, nine digital networks, and The Weather Channel. TMC’s clients include major studios and independent production companies.

Jones’ commitment to excellence extends beyond entertainment. A single mother of two, including a son with autism, Jones was devastated by how difficult it was to get help for her son. This led her to co-found Special Needs Network to help families and author the blog “Autism – Day by Day,” an official resource of the National Institute of Health (NIH) with more than 3 million readers.

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