Di Ciruolo

Head of Inclusion at Jambb and Author of Ally Up: The Definitive Guide to Building More Inclusive, Innovative, and Productive Teams 

Di got into the field of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging because she was angry. Di grew up in foster care, as a ward of the state of Massachusetts, being told one thing about “our values”, but seeing an entirely different story when it came to how we deal with systemic inequity. We say we care, but how often do you hear about kids in foster care, really? Have you ever heard a politician bring it up? That invisible-ness silences people. It makes our experiences not valid or valued. The older Di got, the more people she found identifying with that invisible-ness; here but not whole. Quietly trying to assimilate to the dominant culture, but always unable to do so without trading away a piece of themselves. This is the fight that still drives her today.

While obtaining a degree in this field; specifically gender, race and class studies, she rose quickly as a leader to her peers. Di organized educational opportunities, speaking engagements, and social justice space for others to grow and self-educate in, including a luncheon with Dr. Jane Goodall! Di completed internships for the Atlanta Child Advocacy Center as an advocate for transitioning youth from foster care to adulthood and The Statewide Independent Living Council as a researcher for inclusion in the differently-abled community.

After graduation, Di worked for big names in biotech; including Dana Farber Cancer Institute, The Broad Institute, Harvard Medical School and others as a People Ops facilitator. In 2016 DiI started her own consulting practice and since then she has worked to educate leaders, allies, abolitionists and advocates on Inclusion in the big name tech and biotech spaces, including those at top Fortune 500 companies.

Di is a white-Hispanic, queer, mom-of-two and she is the Head of Inclusion at Jambb, a Boston based tech team working in Blockchain, influencers, and NFTs.

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