Dr. Deborah Ashton

Chief Psychologist & Learning Officer, Diversity Learning Solutions

Dr. Deborah Ashton is a licensed psychologist, has 30+ years of cross-industry experience. Dr. Ashton is a diversity, equity and inclusion strategist. She received her doctorate from Harvard University and studied with Dr. Chester ‘Chet’ Pierce, who coined the term “microaggression”. She headed diversity and inclusion for Medtronic, Darden Restaurants, Harley-Davidson, Novant Health and Argonne National Laboratory. She is the former Chief of Test Development and Validation for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Dr. Ashton specializes in organizational psychology and developing an inclusive workplace. She provides guidance and coaching on how to mitigate unconscious bias in the workplace and in talent management. She has published in the Harvard Business Review, Diversity MBA, Diversity Executive, etc. Her Harvard Business Review articles are Does Race or Gender Matter More to Your Paycheck? and What HR Can Do to Fix the Gender Pay Gap. She chaired the peer review board for the Diversity Business Review, a diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) journal written by DEI practitioners for DEI practitioners, Human Resources and line management. In addition, Dr. Ashton serves as the Chief Psychologist & Learning Officer for Diversity Learning Solutions, part of A P & L Group Brand, along with Diversity MBA.

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