Danielle Golay

Vice President of Quality | Bayer Pharmaceuticals

Danielle Golay is the Vice President of Quality at Bayer Pharmaceuticals. As a leader, Danielle lives by her core value of being authentically her full self as she serves others. Her most inner drive is to help others achieve what they believe is impossible to achieve, and to have fun while on the journey to reaching that achievement.  

Danielle has a wide range of experience working for great companies, in a variety of roles within, and outside of, the Quality function. She has dedicated her career to the drug manufacturing industry, not due to technical or educational background, but due to the impacts that cancer had on her own life at a very early age. She continues to commit herself to the task of bringing curative therapies across the industry to prevent the hardships of losing a parent at a young age for other children out there in this world. 

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