Crista Samaras

VP of Content | The Post

Crista Samaras is the VP of Content at The Post, a membership community for former professional, olympic and college athletes striving for success beyond sport. As well, she maintains her position as CEO of Brave Enterprises, a data-driven company she founded in 2016 that studies fear in order to design programming to help people activate their bravery. Crista is a lifelong coach and an entrepreneur, blending both passions early on in her career when she founded Bounce Entertainment, a company to grow character in female athletes from non-traditional lacrosse playing areas who wanted to play in college. She sold those companies in 2014 with the intention to make an impact beyond her small sport. A former lacrosse powerhouse at Princeton University, and World Champion on the US National Team, Crista exudes passion and brings her truth and vulnerability wherever she goes. She recently received the inaugural Legacy Award by USA Lacrosse, honoring her influence in the growth of the game and how it is learned and experienced by players across the country.

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