Christine Ramsay, CDP

Chief Empowerment Officer and Founder of Ignite Inclusion, LLC

Christine Ramsay (She/Her/Hers) is a first-generation Armenian-American whose life purpose is to create a world where all people feel seen, heard, valued, celebrated, and loved so they continue to thrive and ignite their inner joy. She is a connector, storyteller, and cross-cultural inclusive leader whose superpower is empathy.

She is Chief Empowerment Officer and Founder of Ignite Inclusion, LLC whose mission is to help organizations and individuals become conscious leaders who discover their potential by building habits that create life-work flow. Our vision is to create a culture of belonging where humans feel seen, heard, valued, celebrated, and loved for seeing the world differently.

She is a Certified Happiness and Leadership Coach, Tedx and international motivational speaker, International Author of Anthology “Your Life is Worth It”, Certified Coach in Brain Based Skills Neuroscience of Inclusion, Certified Coach for Social and Emotional Intelligence (EI), and a Certified Diversity Professional (CDP). She is parent advocate for Gender inclusion, Autism & Neurodiversity, Well-being and Happiness.

In 2023, she has been named Top 50 Global Neurodiversity Evangelists by Neurodiversity World powered by Dynamis Group and received the high honor 2023 Diversity Leadership Award from Pennsylvania State University from the Smeal College of Business.

She is also currently an intrapreneur as the Head of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion for Intercept Pharmaceuticals. She has over 19 years of corporate experience in various industries such as pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, technology, consumer products, leading organizational strategy to create human-centric, equitable, and inclusive cultures where all people feel a sense of belonging.

She has spoken at major conferences around the globe such as the Gross Happiness Summit for the University of Peace hosted by the United Nations in Costa Rica, SHRM and ATD national conferences, many podcasts, and has been interviewed by leading best-selling author and entrepreneur voices such as Tiffany Dufu and Claudia Chan.

She is an active member and advocate of the United Nations of USA, a forum to voice support for U.S. engagement at the UN, with a current focus in making the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) a success.

A lifelong Philadelphian, Christine received her Bachelor’s in Marketing and International Business from Pennsylvania State University and her master’s degree in Human Resource Development from Villanova University specializing in Inclusion and Diversity Strategy. She currently lives outside of Philadelphia with her spouse and two children. Christine enjoys spending time with family, traveling all over the world, Armenian line dancing, playing and teaching classical piano, storytelling, and meeting new people from all different backgrounds.

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