Catalina Peña

Founder and Lead Career Coach, Catalyst Creation

Catalina Peña is a 1.5 generation Afrolatina entrepreneur focusing on helping black and brown professionals make their dreams career realities She has worked in recruiting at FB, Twitter, a16z, & Asana to create pathways for hundreds of diverse professionals to break into Tech.  

By using her recruiting background and trailblazer energy, she founded Catalyst Creation in 2019 to continue helping diverse communities with their career needs and to help them create lasting career confidence, abundant financial freedom, and a balanced approach to work life. She has partnered with organizations that focus on providing tangible support to their underrepresented communities (including UC Berkley, UCLA, SHPE, Eze Soft and others) and has helped empower over 2500 professionals to create their dream career journeys.  

She also has traveled to 26 countries (including 2 solo), loves to dance, and is trilingual (Spanish and French!). 

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