Carmen Cruz Montes

Founder and ICO at Lead By Passion

A native of Barcelona, Spain, Carmen is the Founder & ICO of Lead By Passion, a holistic hospitality advisory and executive leadership firm integrating business excellence with human well-being and evolution.

A successful international business leader with over 25 years of experience leading diversity and transforming teams into high performing ones, Carmen is known for her distinctive creativity, innovation and passionate approach to human potential and evolutionary leadership.

Carmen holds a Bachelor’s degree in Hotel Management and furthered her business studies at UC Berkeley and Cornell University. She also devoted the last 25 years to studies on human evolution and human potential: from neuroscience and quantum physics to behavioral and Soul psychology, consciousness and Spirituality.

As part of her passion for bringing forward a new paradigm in leadership while furthering its stage for women, she is currently working on her first book: “ICO, the future CEO”. To connect with her, visit:

Area of Specialty: With a holistic approach to both leadership and organizational development, I help you and your teams uncover your Passion, unfold your Purpose and express your creative True Authentic Self bringing forward ultimate happiness and fulfillment to your work and life.

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