Camille McKinney

Professional Leadership Coach, Consultant and Speaker

Camille McKinney is a professional Leadership Coach, Consultant, and Speaker who empowers overworked, high-achieving women in leadership to dig deeper, trust themselves, and grow to their full potential. Camille’s ability to connect with her clients in an approachable, level-headed, and authentic way while leading them towards their goals is what sets her apart.

Camille is passionate about elevating the impact leaders have on people and organizations. Her evolution resulted in creating a model for developing one’s personal Self-Leadership, which includes six building blocks to explore, embody and express one’s unique leadership brand.

Before becoming a professional Leadership Coach, Camille worked for over 25 years as a learning and performance consulting professional in the banking and healthcare industries, where she also led a team of sales training professionals.

Her commitment to demonstrating effective leadership and empowering her team to be their best resulted in Great Place to Work employee engagement scores of 100% two years in a row!

After decades of working in the corporate sector, Camille ventured out on her own to close the gap between learning how to lead and BEING a great leader people want to follow. She leverages her experience in leadership, emotional Intelligence, performance consulting, and training to support you in revealing your leadership advantage, both in business and in life.

Camille’s positive yet real perspective adds value to her clients’ visions. She’s the first to admit that she doesn’t have all the answers, and she’s glad she doesn’t because she knows she delivers real value when she supports her clients to create their own solutions.

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