Bindu Garapaty Psy.D.,

Co-founder and CEO of The Happy Leader, LLC

As a true believer in the human potential, Bindu Garapaty has found the intersection of happiness, human behavior, and leadership. With a doctorate degree in clinical psychology and an entrepreneurial spirit, Dr. Garapaty is the co-founder and CEO of The Happy Leader, LLC. She infuses evidence-based practices and lessons learned from her leadership roles in health care, corporate, academia, for-profit and non-profit organizations, to empower leaders to find their intersection of happiness, meaning, and impact. Dr. Garapaty’s presentations and trainings have included both national and international forums in areas of leadership, diversity and inclusion, education, and women’s health. Her approach highlights the importance of understanding cultural paradigms and building emotional resilience. She uses experiential learning strategies and insights to empower leaders to enhance critical thinking, increase effective communication, and build powerful networks. Since 1999, Dr. Garapaty has been committed to supporting and empowering women with engagement in a variety of non-profit board capacities as was the recipient of ‘Emerging Executive of the Year’ award from Watermark and recognized as a “Woman of Influence” SVBJ. Currently, she serves on the Emerging Executive Advisory Committee of Watermark, the HR symposium, Humans for AI. She is a WIM facilitator at the GSB and serves as the VP of Talent, Inclusion, and Equity at Impossible Foods. Building catalytic connections, giving back, and creating new experiences are a few things that contribute to Dr. Garapaty’ s happiness quotient.

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