Audra Bohannon

Senior Client Partner, Korn Ferry

As an expert on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, for over 30 years, Ms. Bohannon has helped facilitate individuals and organizations to see the possibilities for a better tomorrow.   Her experience as a thought leader, offers a fresh perspective on business needs and experiences of unheard talent.  As trusted, advisor, Ms. Bohannon bridges organizational priorities to shift mindsets and create environments that accelerate outcomes by better understanding their talent.  But it is her transformative power to engage hearts and minds that confirms her commitment to “potential of all, not just a few.”  

In her current position, Ms. Bohannon uses strategic analysis to determine organizational outcomes and define individual success. She delivers strategic leadership and business consultation an Executive Coach.  It is her strong belief that shared responsibility between employer and employee is a fundamental requirement for people to be at their best, both professionally and personally.   Her clients include a broad range of U.S. and global industries and businesses, from the Board of Directors to C-Suite executives as well as entry-level individual contributors.  

Ms. Bohannon is a frequent publisher and highly sought-after keynote speaker.  Drawing on her life and career experiences to stimulate thoughtful conversation, she is fluent in topics related to the empowerment of people with a focus on diversity, equity, inclusion, and race matters. Whether engaging an industry audience or a global women’s summit, her message that “all people have potential” touches emotional buttons to connect people and creates a lasting, often life-changing, impact. 

Prior to her employment at Korn Ferry, Ms. Bohannon served as principal at Global Novations, senior vice president of Novations Group, and as partner and business architect of J. Howard & Associates, one of the leading consulting and training firms that established the diversity and inclusion industry. 

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