Asia Bribiesca-Hedin

Founder and CEO | Bridgewell Professional Services

Asia Bribiesca-Hedin is the dynamic founder and CEO of Bridgewell Professional Services, a leadership development and strategy execution firm in Southern California.   Asia’s expertise (and passion!) is combining leadership development with strategic planning to help her clients build influence and leadership effectiveness without overworking, people-pleasing, or selling their souls! In addition to working with individuals, companies hire Asia to deliver her 2-day ERG Summit Solution where she quickly builds leadership and planning skills for the hidden inclusion catalysts of the modern organization, ERG leaders.   Asia earned her B.S. in management from Pepperdine University and her MBA and MPA degrees at the University of Southern California. She began her career as a management consultant with a global Big 4 consulting firm, gaining unparalleled experience in advising leaders on how to mobilize their teams to deliver on strategic priorities.

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