Angie MacArthur

Executive Coach | Support Leopard
(Virtual Coach)

Angie MacArthur is an Executive Coach and is skilled at connecting people with ideas and actions in a supportive environment that promotes robust habits of success and transformation. Angie is the owner of Support Leopard, a business dedicated to helping organizations press pause during the workday and transforming their well-being at work. So that people feel supported and happier during their day through peer-to-peer coaching and guided self-reflection. Angie works with organizations that have a mental health manifesto, the hospitality sector and social enterprises supporting those that are most in need.

Angie comes to coaching from a luxury cruise line and hospitality operational background, this means she can draw on her extensive leadership experience combined with a motivational approach and fully relates to the challenges you may be facing. She is thought-provoking, pragmatic, and personable. 

Throughout her career she has made a significant contribution to better-managed operations and leading high performing teams. She has helped a diverse range of people develop their potential at whatever stage in their career. Most recently serving a social Enterprise, coaching and developing Trainee Police Detectives that work to transform communities and inspiring diverse individuals to be leaders in society. 

Angie presents a Co-active coaching style that uses active listening and intuition combined with creative techniques. Introducing positive psychology with clients and including health and well-being themes to provide a relevant coaching experience.  

Angie has a natural curiosity of people, places, and innovation. Taking care of her well-being in every sense is her philosophy that she brings forth into her work so that everyone’s environment can include pause, learning, reflection, and movement.

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