Andrea Grant


Andrea Grant Small, large and mid-size national, multi-national and global organizations, across all industries, trust Andrea to consult them on complex business issues impacting workforce requirements. As a true partner, she listens to and assesses the needs of her clients and provides strategic advice on opportunities to improve efficiency and performance, increase revenue, drive inclusivity and lower costs. Her counsel enables her clients to identify the best human capital solutions to achieve their business goals, while creating a value proposition that appeals to employees across all generations.  

Her experience gives her unique insights into trends, challenges and best practices for developing employees at all levels for current and future roles and expediting connections to jobs.  

She unapologetically champions diversity, inclusion, race and equitable strategies and tactics ensuring every workplace is transparent, fair and inclusive. She’s a servant leader with a heart and mind for the people she has the privilege of working with and for. As a serial entrepreneur that has successfully integrated work and life as a special-needs mom she’s here to serve you.  

Mentor Circle Topic: Including People with Disabilities in Your D&I Efforts, Planning for Diverse and Inclusive Hiring, and Inclusive Leadership: Managing More Effectively in Today’s Workforce

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