Alisa Kolodizner

Co-CEO & Managing Partner, LCW

Alisa Kolodizner,  comes to LCW with experience as a nationally ranked, top-performing relationship, financial management and strategic business consultant for Fortune 500 companies. Additionally, she brings an extensive background in developing, growing and retaining relationships with billion-dollar businesses, clients and colleagues. With over a decade of focus on client experience through emerging technology, Alisa has led product and sales departments through pivotal initiatives. A multifaceted sales and cross-silo leader, she thrives in transformative environments with diverse client-centric focused initiatives.

Alisa has always been incredibly passionate about supporting individuals through education and creating equitable environments to help them optimize their skillsets. Born during her family’s immigration as refugees to the United States from Kyiv, Ukraine, Alisa’s mission is to empower leaders, heighten people’s voices and equip large organizations with the systems and tools to create equity and drive meaningful cultural change.

Alisa co-founded Women’s networking groups in financial services, brought financial literacy to high school girls and now sits on the board of Genesys Works in Chicago, a non-profit that works with students in underserved Chicago communities to give them a pathway to careers through skill training and meaningful work experiences.

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