Alex Sewell

Head of Culture & Social Impact, Bad Robot

Alex Sewell is the Head of Good Robot at Bad Robot Productions, leading the company’s corporate social responsibility, DEI, and impact initiatives. Alex is also a Senior Advisor to the McGrath Abrams Family Foundation. With a decade of combined experience in public service, impact investing, DEI and communications strategy, Alex brings a diverse range of experiences and wealth of knowledge to his role of leading and fostering culture change within the entertainment industry.

Alex’s career began as an executive and political aide in the US Senate and two stints serving in the Obama-Biden Administration. Upon relocating to Los Angeles, Alex managed inclusion initiatives and executive office operations at the Smith Family Office, advancing its social impact campaigns and impact giving. Alex’s passion for creating a more equitable and inclusive entertainment industry stems from his belief that the industry has a responsibility to reflect the diversity and complexity of society. His mission is to foster a culture of inclusivity and social responsibility throughout the industry.

Alex is a native of Chicago, Illinois, where he gained his passion for creating change by volunteering for local advocacy campaigns. He currently resides in Los Angeles, California.

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