Diversity Woman Hosts Twitter Chat in Celebration of Black History Month. Feb. 19th.

Diversity Woman Media invites you to join us on Wednesday, February 19, 2020 from 1-2pm ET for a Twitter chat in celebration of Black History Month, hosted in partnership with Paradigm for Parity® coalition . We’re convening the top thinkers on gender parity and diversity & inclusion to share resources and best practices on how workplaces can support and elevate Black women to positions of leadership.

To help your teams prepare for a robust discussion, we’d like to pass along the questions for the Twitter chat below. Be sure to use #PathtoParity and follow Diversity Woman Media and Paradigm for Parity® to join the conversation!

Q1  What does a diverse & inclusive workplace mean to you?

Q2 What does the data say about the success of black women in corporate America?

Q3 What unique challenges do black women experience in the workplace?

Q4 How can companies support and elevate black women in the workplace?

Q5 What can managers and executives do on a day-to-day basis to help black women succeed in the workplace?

Q6 What resources do you recommend for managers and executives to learn how to best empower Black women in the workplace?

Q7 What initiatives are you excited about this year that position black women for corporate leadership?

Q8 What is one thing followers participating today, regardless of title or position, can do to make their workplaces more inclusive for black women?

Looking forward to seeing you on Twitter as we celebrate Women and Black History Month!

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