Corporate Life Post-pandemic

Return-to-Work Models Reflect Different Approaches

As companies continue to reopen their offices, there’s no clear consensus on whether an on-site or remote workforce is the key to success. Many companies are trying to figure it out by offering a hybrid model, which blends the two.

While 60 percent of managers believe that a full-time return-to-the-office mandate is down the road, according to one 2022 study, the competitive job market has many leaders worried about losing top talent if employees aren’t allowed to work remotely. Here’s how some organizations are forging ahead in
the new normal.

3M: Work Your Way program lets employees choose to work either remotely full-time or split their hours between home and the office.

Apple: The company gradually rolled out its on-site requirements, beginning with one day per week to three days by the end of May. Employees also get a month of time to work from home.

Coinbase: Employees can work from home, at the office, or a hybrid of the two.

Deloitte: Employees can work remotely indefinitely.

Ford: Employees can work remotely unless their presence is necessary on-site.

JPMorgan Chase: Approximately 50 percent of employees are expected to work on-site; approximately 40 percent will toggle between remotely and on-site; approximately 10 percent will work remotely full-time.

PepsiCo: Employees determine with their managers how often they work on-site and how often remotely.

PwC: Employees can work remotely indefinitely.

Tesla: Office employees are required to spend a minimum of 40 hours a week on-site.

Twitter: Employees can return to the office or work from home indefinitely.

Wells Fargo: Employees adhere to a “hybrid flexible work model,” with some time in the office and some time remote.

Zillow: Employees can come to the office for collaboration but also work from home permanently.

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