Victoria Jenn Rodriguez

Founder & CEO of  VJR Enterprises

Victoria Jenn Rodriguez is the Founder and CEO of VJR Enterprises, a consul<ng company dedicated to eleva<ng, enriching, and empowering people to become the best version of themselves. She has been a Leadership Strategist and Brand Consultant for over 15 years shiFing mindsets from “I can’t. I’m too scared.” To “I can and I will”. Victoria Jenn is also the President and Founder of The Female Collabora<ve, a global network for progressive women focused on revolu<onizing the way women work and do business together recently recognized by Forbes. Victoria Jenn is also the host of the widely popular IGTV Series “Women Who Roar” that has garnered over 4MM+ downloads. Past guests have included Soledad O’Brien, Suze Orman, Rosanna ScoUo, Swin Cash, and other female icons. Given her passion for diversity & inclusion, she launched her own show #VictoriaJennTV on YouTube, highligh<ng stories of professionals of color who have achieved success by remaining authen<cally true to who they are.

Her exper<se includes career and life coaching, talent and organiza<on development, brand eleva<on, and is oFen spotlighted as a keynote mo<va<onal speaker. As a strategic visionary thinker, she has a passion for inspiring and mo<va<ng people, at all levels, to op<mize their full poten<al while maintaining a focus on emo<onal intelligence, reflec<on, and life balance. Victoria Jenn has coached professionals from entry level to execu<ves, with significant results across industries worldwide. Her clients both private and corporate, range from small to Fortune 500 and include: iHeart Media, NBCUniversal Comcast, Barclays, BlackRock, The Food Bank for New York City, Morgan Stanley, Jet, Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, PWC, and many more. She also works with small to large brands on craFing hip, fresh,

BrandedPartnerships&Collabora@ons andinfluen<alsocialmediacampaignsservingastheirBrandAmbassadorandContentMastermind.

Prior to becoming a full <me entrepreneur, Victoria Jenn managed talent development at Johnson & Johnson overseeing early career pipeline talent programs and developing robust diversity best prac<ce strategies for the Consumer Marke<ng and Sales businesses. Prior to joining Johnson & Johnson, Victoria Jenn was head of early talent recrui<ng and workforce diversity at Bristol-Myers Squibb. Before entering the healthcare sector, Victoria Jenn played a cri<cal role in crea<ng innova<ve, progressive programs to drive the recruitment, development, and reten<on of minority talent at Morgan Stanley. Given her passion for developing talent and diversity best prac<ces, prior to Morgan Stanley, Victoria Jenn was a Program Manager at the Council of Urban Professionals, a nonprofit organiza<on dedicated to the empowerment of minority professionals where she worked on legisla<on to provide more access to capital for minority and women owned businesses across New York State. She also spearheaded training for members to become advocates in their community. Victoria Jenn began her career on Wall Street at Lehman Brothers followed by Barclays Wealth with a focus on sales & trading servicing both high net worth and ins<tu<onal clients.

Given her passion for empowering the masses and upliFing others , Victoria Jenn is oFen requested to lead training on topics such as, Managing Your Professional & Personal Brand, Staying True to Yourself Even in the Board Room, Nego<a<ng Like a Boss, and Networking to the Bank, to name a few. Addi<onally, Victoria Jenn is a popular guest blogger on your favorite career advancement sites.

Victoria Jenn sits on the Board of the Bronx Global Learning Ins<tute for Girls located in the South Bronx of New York, a charter school dedicated to crea<ng the next genera<on of female global leaders.