Renisha Nellums

QA Automation Engineer, Indeed


Renisha Nellums is a QA Automation Engineer at Indeed where she works on writing automated tests to catch and prevent software defects for one of Indeed’s most critical products. She’s passionate about software quality, test architecture, and learning from the successes and failures of others. She acknowledges the fact that she would not be where she is today without the help of others. As a result, she is also heavily involved in mentorship at Indeed, most recently acting as a product lead and engineering manager for Indeed University, a 12-week summer program, where 90 recent college graduates learn the Indeed development philosophy by launching their own product ideas, start-up incubator style. In the next few months, she’ll turn her focus to helping improve test automation at Indeed.

Throughout her career she has gravitated to companies that strongly want to help people. Most recently, help people get jobs, help students learn more and learn faster, and help the visually impaired read books online. She has a BS in Computer Science and MBA with a focus on Entrepreneurship. She loves seeing the ‘big picture’, working on new products, and helping your ideas become a reality.