Pearl Alexander

Certified, Daring Way Facilitator and Story Catcher


Pearl Alexander, JD, Certified Daring Way Facilitator™ (CDWF) and Story Catcher is an Executive-Life Coach™ and Organizational Leadership Strategist. A profound listener who “gets people,” and trendsetter who integrates her expertise in diversity, inclusion principles and social change into her leadership services. She coaches individuals to access their personal power, and step into “wholeness.”

Pearl’s critical thinking, calm and co-creative energy have supported her thriving throughout her 30-year career at the Georgia Institute of Technology catalyzing culture and leadership transformations. She currently thrives in the role of Executive Director of Diversity, Inclusion, and Engagement at the Georgia Institute of Technology. As such, she wears a few hats; chief coach and learning officer for Techs’ Inclusive Leaders Academy, producer of transformative narratives, and intercultural community dialogues. She guides leaders in the “art of being.” Results include; engaging legacies, high performing teams, and effectively navigating organizational politics and transitions.

Pearl facilitates pre-conference workshops, retreats, and coach driven experiences for institutes, national conferences and teams. She leverages various platforms to advocate for acceptance, belonging and actualization of talent in engaging workplace cultures. Her notable commentary has been shared internationally with diverse audiences that span, higher education, government, and corporate professionals. Full bio: