Maxine Brown-Davis

Former Chief Diversity Officer, Procter & Gamble

With decades of experience spanning non-profit, government, business and corporate Leadership Development, Maxine is a sought after executive coach and organization development strategist.  Her focus on creating and sustaining, optimal performance built on consciousness, growing wisdom and agility to deliver breakthrough results- is the basis of the success for those who work with her.

Maxine’s reputation is as a powerful ally and strategic partner in the development of individual leaders and systems resulting in High Performance Organizations.  Her approach empowers her clients to create the successful future(s) they desire, built on a foundation of values, principles and communication strategies that inspire commitment and action at every level in the organization and routinely delivers exceptional results.

Maxine continues her legacy of developing effective, inclusive – high achieving organizations across the globe by partnering with clients to increase the clarity, capability and capacity of their leaders.  She is most proud of her ability to help her clients exceed their own expectations and achieve, while making an impact at the highest levels of leadership.