Marsha Haygood

Founder, Stepwise Associates, LLC

Marsha Haygood believes in the importance of capitalizing on the boundless potential for individuals and businesses to achieve success. After leading Human Resources and Administrative Services at the entertainment giants New Line Cinema and Orion Pictures, Marsha wanted to use the wealth of her experience in more meaningful ways. She launched StepWise Associates LLC in 2006.

At StepWise, Marsha utilizes her expansive knowledge of talent development, managing the challenges and changes of workplace culture to assist corporations, groups, and individuals in achieving their goals. She is a Strategic Thinking Partner that uses intentional coaching, leadership training, and consulting services to motivate her clients to take action and move forward with purpose. Marsha works with senior executives as well as professionals at every level of their career and has led initiatives for nonprofits, associations, educational institutions, and corporations large and small.

Marsha utilizes an innate understanding of the workplace with her personal experiences to deliver keynote talks, panel discussions and workshops with profound insights that audiences can put into practice. She is adept at sharing her strategies for success with energy and humor that resonates across age, gender, and culture.

As a co-author of the bestseller, The Little Black Book of Success: Laws of Leadership for Black Women (One World), and its companion workbook, Marsha has helped thousands of readers overcome career obstacles and chart a course for success. She is also a founding member of Black Women of Influence (BWOI), a professional networking group that gathers women across industries to develop the next generation of prominent women in business with the motto:

“helping each other win.”

Marsha is committed to the success of others and is purpose-driven to inspire her clients and audiences to take an active role in achieving their goals.