Lisa Francoeur Mesa

Enterprise Manager, LinkedIn & Founder, Fancyfied

I believe we can turn dreams into reality by harnessing positivity, to create favorable possibilities. It’s plausible, that my Haitian heritage endows me with a mentality that if you do not enjoy the conditions of your present predicament, then – fight to change them.

I am the founder of Fancyfied a lifestyle brand devoted to uplift, empower, inspire and unite. I often hear “you’ve got great energy” but what people may not know is that, I strive to leave those I encounter in a much better state than they were prior to our encounter. As an Enterprise Relationship Manager at LinkedIn, I manage a portfolio of approximately 50 accounts and am tasked with driving their social media, talent acquisition and employer branding strategies. I love nothing more than helping my clients achieve their goals and highlight their success to all key stakeholders.

Each Friday at LinkedIn, I host FancyfiedFridays which gathers employees across various divisions and leadership levels. During this power-half-an-hour lunch, no negativity can be spoken and attendees have to share what they have to be grateful for, inspires them, etc. The next step is to acknowledge a challenge and finally, the actions you will take to overcome that challenge. My premise is that if we are in a positive state of mind when considering our challenges, we have hope that the challenge is surmountable. By recontextualizing a challenge from a problem to a growth opportunity, we enjoy the process of what it takes to overcome.

My work at FancyfiedFridays led to the  2016 WALI (Women at LinkedIn) Inspiration Award. In 2017, I was awarded the Relationships Matter Award at LinkedIn’s Global Sales Kick-Off.

I believe the secret to creating a life you love and living it powerfully is to “Get Comfortable, Being Uncomfortable” which was the title of my 2017 TEDX Talk.