Leah Lizarondo

CEO & Co-Founder, 412 Food Rescue

When Leah Lizarondo left a high-paying job at a Fortune 500 company after becomingmother, she asked, “What would make the trade of time from (her children) worth it?”

She found her answer when she began writing a local magazine column about her passion — food. The more she wrote, the more she learned about health and food policies, inspiring her to launch 412 Food Rescue, a technology nonprofit that aims to solve two of our biggest problems: food waste and hunger.

For her work, Lizarondo won the American Heart Association’s 2018 EmPOWERED To Serve Business Accelerator™ grant. Formerly the Urban Health Accelerator, EmPOWERED To Serve Business Accelerator is a six- to eight-week intensive training that challenges participants to apply innovative, community-based solutions to urgent urban health problems.

Lizarondo’s graduate degree in technology and public policy allows her to combine her education and passion with her past corporate experience. Her local community will reap the benefits.