Kristen Stockton, ACC

Co-Founder and VP, JASKAP Consulting & Coaching

Kristen Stockton, ACC, is a business performance consultant and executive coach who works with senior leaders and their leadership teams to address workforce and workplace challenges.

Leaders choose to work with Kristen because she knows how to listen, and support them with insight, experience, and innovation.

She coaches’ leaders through the strategic planning and change management process, so they better align their mission, vision and values with their products and services to increase value to their key stakeholders. She brings tools and techniques that support all areas of business, including leadership development, strategic planning, succession planning and personal and professional skill development, all which will tap into your organization’s brilliance and move people forward.

Kristen has coaching experience that supports leader effectiveness and organizational change efforts. She helps people lead better business and better lives. She also serves on the faculty of SHAMBAUGH Leadership and Progression Partners as a Senior Business Partner and Executive Coach and The Forum for Workplace Inclusion and Diversity Woman as an external coach.

Kristen is also an advocate for self-care creating tools and resources to support “selfcare” strategies that help you are available for what matters most.