Jenna Powers

Director, HR Integration, Amazon, Amazon

Jenna Powers is an employee engagement authority with global brand experience in multiple industries. Her work as outside labor counsel and in the corporate human resources space has included global employee relations and labor strategy, leadership development, human resources policy development, change management, internal communications and corporate social responsibility. Jenna began her career as an associate at some of the country’s best known Labor and Employment law firms, before leading North America labor relations at the Coca-Cola Company. Jenna is currently a Human Resources Director at Amazon, where she is the HR Integration lead for Whole Foods Markets, the largest acquisition in Amazon history. Jenna holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications from the College of New Rochelle, and a JD from the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law, Yeshiva University. Jenna credits much of her professional success to her work outside the office: she is a 30-time marathoner and ultra-marathoner since 2014, and has completed single-day races of up to 100 miles. Jenna believes strongly in the intersection between endurance sport and career success, and works passionately to help those seeking to improve themselves in both areas. She has been featured in Women’s Running and Competitor online, and is profiled in the October issue of Women’s Running magazine’s “20 Women who are Changing the Running Industry.”