Janette A. Hostettler

General Manager – Assembly and Assembly Conveyance, Toyota Motor

Janette Hostettler joined Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Indiana (TMMI) in July 2000 as a Specialist in Quality Engineering. She is currently the General Manager of Assembly and Assembly Conveyance as of January 2017. Janette and her team is responsible for the final vehicle assembly of the Sienna, Highlander and Sequoia models in 2 plants.   With close to 3000 team members – she has a servant leadership approach to her management, engineering, maintenance and production teams.

Prior to this role, she was promoted to General Manager over the Paint, Plastics and Plant Engineering team in 2014. Janette also served as the Assistant General Manager for the Quality Control Engineering team in 2011. Her responsibilities included overseeing the quality systems of completed vehicle structure, both pilot and mass production, quality of supplied parts and service to shops for problem-solving support.

Outside of her direct responsibilities, Janette also supports TMMI’s internal and external Diversity/Board initiatives. She is a strong advocate/advisor for TMMI’s business partnering groups- Women Influencing and Impacting Toyota (WIIT), Young Professionals (YP) and TODOS (Latino/Hispanic). She is also a board member for the Evansville Diversity Lecture Series, Society of Women Engineers and is a SOAR mentor.

Working hand in hand with the Human Resource team at TMMI, Janette is also responsible for the launch of the Engineering Development Program (EDP) where young and aspiring engineer- minded students in High School have the opportunity to grow and learn at Toyota prior to becoming a coop in their college years. This program also includes the education and development of new engineers entering as full time at TMMI.

Janette is the recipient of the April 2016 STEP Honoree Award and the “Diversity Journal- Women Worth Watching 2016 Award” winner.

Prior to joining TMMI, Janette was a chemist and supervisor at Red Spot Paint and Varnish, Co., Inc. in Evansville, Indiana for 7 years where she formulated automotive paints.

Mrs. Hostettler holds a BS in Chemistry from Purdue University in Lafayette, Indiana.

Janette and her husband, Rob of 23 years, live in Evansville and proudly have three children – Sam 21, Noah 19 and Emma 12- All a huge inspiration and support to a balanced working wife/mother’s life!