Jacqueline (Jackie) Glenn

CEO, Glenn Diversity & Inclusion & HR Solutions


Jackie Glenn is the founder and CEO of GLENN DIVERSITY Inclusion & HR Solutions, a consulting practice that provides diversity, equity & inclusion consulting, executive coaching, and trusted advisory services to corporations implementing DE&I strategies and best practices. As a 25+ year veteran of the DE&I space, Jackie is also the former VP and Chief Diversity Officer for Dell/EMC, where she oversaw a workforce of over 100,000+ employees around the world.

During her tenure at Dell/EMC, Jackie lifted the company’s entire corporate culture to international acclaim by pioneering many of the best practices in DE&I that we use today. Lift As I Climb: An Immigrant Girl’s Journey Through Corporate America is Jackie’s instructional biography on how she employed her ten self-created “gems” to guide her journey from a nanny all the way to Vice President & Chief Diversity Officer, author, and CEO.