Dr. Isabelle Kurschner

Catalyst Europe

Isabelle Kürschner, Ph.D., has extensive expertise on issues of women and gender in the context of corporate governance, organizational culture, and work-family-effectiveness. As Catalyst Europe Consultant she provides analytical support to Catalyst member companies in Germany and Austria interested in advancing women. In this role she frequently speaks to corporate and public audiences on topics including women’s leadership and advancement, talent management strategies, and barriers to women’s corporate advancement.

Prior to her career in business she was working in the public sector, advising politicians on gender and social issues such as quotas for women in political parties, programs for girls in STEM, and laws that help mothers to combine family obligations and careers outside their homes.

Dr. Kürschner completed her undergraduate studies at Friedrich-Alexander-University, Erlangen, and McGill University, Montréal. She received her master’s degree and her doctorate from the Catholic University of Eichstätt.