Farnaz Wallace

Thought Leader, Author, Speaker

Farnaz Wallace is a thought leader, author, growth strategist, and an inspirational, futuristic speaker focused on helping leaders and businesses connect rapid cultural and demographic shifts to growth strategies and leadership practices. She is the published author of the book, The New World Marketplace—how women, youth and multiculturalism are shaping our future. Her provocative and no-holds-barred style brings a unique, fresh perspective to the audiences around the world and challenges leaders to forsake their past biases and prejudices that hold them back from future success.

As a woman of Iranian background who immigrated with her family to the US at the age 15, Farnaz’s whole life has been a New World experience. She succeeded and thrived in the business world not just as woman, but an unorthodox Iranian-American woman. She uses the lessons learned by facing and overcoming issues of ethnicity, gender, style, political, economic and lifestyle experiences to shape her vision and keep it alive. She believes in the spirit’s deep desire for freedom, self-determination and self-expressions to maintain and honor an inner state of authenticity. She lives it and knows how to lead others to find such authenticity within themselves. She debunks all biases and stereotypes and has developed 4 tips for women on how to lead differently than men and what they have been taught. Farnaz is passionate about gender and racial equality, human rights, and advancing women in business and leadership. With extensive experience as a keynote speaker for women’s conferences, and succeeding in the C-suite for years, she is here to share her unique success story.