Diana Broussard

Accessories Designer/Exponential Entrepreneur, Diana Broussard Brand and Lifestyle Boutique

After working for over 20 years as Designer/ Director of Accessories for luxury brands such as Calvin Klein Collection, Christian Dior, and Gucci, Diana started her own collection/company in 2007 of  resin jewelry, shoes, and bags, made in Italy.  DIANA BROUSSARD, the eponymous label of the designer that brought the resin necklace in to the everyday. Today, Diana is an Accessories Designer/ Exponential Entrepreneur with a global representation of her products in the best stores around the world, such as Le Bon Marche in Paris,  Liberty of London, TSUM in Moscow, and  Baycrews in Japan.  Her famous NATE necklace has been in the collection of both MoMA NY and MoMA Japan.

Most recently, she has expanded her vision into fashion wearables, by introducing the first wave of TechLuxe, dbChronicle (TM) in the form of handbags and necklaces with LCD screens that play videos.  The dbCHronicle video LCD accessories were included this year in the book, “Designing for Personalisation” by Dr. Conor Farrington of Cambridge University.  She wants to continue to integrate technology into designer luxury accessory products and packaging.