Dennis Bonilla

Executive Dean, University of Phoenix

As Executive Dean, Mr. Bonilla is responsible for all aspects of the College of Information Systems and Technology including the College’s nancial performance, academic performance and its marketing and operations. Mr. Bonilla’s wealth of experience in delivering technology leadership and innovation spans a variety of industries including education, telecommunications, energy and nuclear engineering. Prior to joining University of Phoenix, Mr. Bonilla was senior vice president of Learning Solutions at GP Strategies Corporation (GPX) where he was executive in charge of global account strategy for Microsoft and other Fortune 500 companies.

Mr. Bonilla served as chief executive o cer of Medsn/Indegene, a global leader in interactive medicine education and marketing communications for the pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device markets. He also served as president and chief operations o cer of the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies. As Vice-President of Oracle University, Mr. Bonilla was responsible for the general management of Oracle’s largest education business unit in the Americas, managing direct and indirect channels, sales & marketing, nance, performance consulting and e-learning. He transformed the sales and marketing organization to a web-enabled, e-business sales organization including world-class call centers and integrated the use of e-learning into all Oracle education o erings. He also helped lead the development, launch and implementation of Oracle iLearning Enterprise Learning Management System. Mr. Bonilla held senior positions at General Physics, including senior vice president of International Operations and was co-founder of Energy Training Corporation.

Mr. Bonilla began his career as a training engineer at Westinghouse, teaching nuclear plant operations at numerous commercial power plants around the world. He is a certi ed commercial nuclear plant senior reactor operator and served in the U.S. Nuclear Navy. He is a licensed private pilot, a certi ed classroom and virtual instructor and certi ed curriculum developer. He is also a professional musician and father of three girls.