Audra Bohannon

Executive Coach, Korn Ferry

Audra Bohannon is an award-winning international speaker, facilitator, and executive coach. She is currently an executive coach at Korn Ferry. Her coaching practice focuses on developing the next generation of leaders and creating experiences that transform lives. Ms. Bohannon is known for getting off to a quick start and uncovering what drives individuals to become fully engaged and purpose-driven. She specializes in providing support for individuals navigating organizational complexities as well as organizations to develop their diverse pipeline for growth. Her passion is making it easier for others to move into insight and action.

Ms. Bohannon’s approach is fundamentally practical. She works with her clients to close the chasm of what you want, why you want it and what are you willing to do to get it. She believes that people achieve their highest potential when they set an intention on the what, build capacity for the how, and gain clarity on the why.

Recognizing that leadership can be messy at times, Ms. Bohannon worked with an executive female hindered by her own duress. “I listened, and then listened some more. I asked questions, and then I asked more. I connected the dots and shared with her what I heard. Her emotional response was an indication that I hit the mark.”

This combination of making space for self-reflection, exploration of what could be, and developing a plan to increase impact, makes Ms. Bohannon’s a highly sought-after executive coach.