Celebrating Our Differences: McDonald’s

Find the Talent Within

What are you or your team doing to advance leadership development for promising women?

Karen Matusinec, Senior Vice President, Treasurer
My team and I create an environment in which talented women can flourish by serving as role models, providing interesting work experiences and advantageous assignments, enabling exposure to other leaders, investing in coaching and formal mentoring relationships, ensuring a level playing field in talent decisions, and ensuring strong representation in our leadership programs.

Debbie Roberts, Senior Vice President, Restaurant Support Officer, East Division
I’m passionate about mentoring and personally mentor several women. I not only encourage women to find ways to stretch their skills to grow personally and professionally, but I proactively provide those opportunities when I can. Finally, I’m a proud sponsor of McDonald’s Women’s Leadership Network. It’s a great way to develop skills while making meaningful connections.

Bridget Coffing, Senior Vice President, Corporate Relations

At McDonald’s, we have a feedback-rich environment that enables open, candid conversation, relationship building, and a clear articulation of goals and aspirations. I try to make that real and tangible for our future leaders, facilitating their ability to leverage this somewhat unique culture and take advantage of the many opportunities it presents.

Marion Gross, Senior Vice President, North America Supply Chain

It’s important that all high-potential and top-talent women have strong individual development plans to gain necessary knowledge, skills, and experiences to advance. This includes placement in leadership development programs geared to accelerate advancement and ensuring that they have mentors, coaches, and sponsors to help guide and manage their careers.

Karen Garcia, Vice President, General Manager, Florida Region

Opportunities for emerging women leaders at McDonald’s are plentiful. I coach women to seek and accept new roles and challenging responsibilities. I provide guidance and am accessible to my staff. My team appreciates opportunities to experience business from different angles. Through ongoing development plans, we thoughtfully grow McDonald’s talent.

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