Celebrate: Target

“What leadership attributes do you value most in others and in yourself?”

Amanda Vela, Group VP, Stores
I value leaders who are authentic, build teams of diverse thought, have a fearless drive for success, and do it all while having fun. Authenticity and diversity bring different strategies; drive leads to great results and builds a team people want to stay on.

Irene Quarshie. VP, Quality & Compliance, Target Sourcing Services

I value integrity, ingenuity, and risktaking. Integrity is a nonnegotiable and is the foundation for earning trust. My proudest achievements have come from tackling uncharted waters, so I get a lot of energy from those who seek out and embrace change.

Yu-Ping Kao, SVP, Pay & Benefits
The leadership attributes I value most are curiosity and heart. Curiosity is what fuels understanding and connection.  Great leaders seek to discover the possibilities and help others do the same. And great leaders lead with heart, making the hard choices and celebrating the wins.

Dawn Block, SVP, Merchandising, Beauty & Essentials
I value curiosity in myself and those leading around me. I strive to be a student and learn every day. When we ask questions and seek to understand different points of view, our own world grows.

Alexis Kantor, VP, Product Design & Development
It starts by showing up human and real. I value vulnerable, honest, and courageous leaders who embrace their own humanity and the beautiful humanity of others. Leaders who bring their whole selves to work help teams thrive and build trust. I am awed by leaders who inspire us to show up, think bigger, and create opportunities and possibilities for everyone.

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