Celebrate: Hyatt

Photography by Fred Brown / FBP Studio

“As a leader, what are you doing to champion diversity and inclusion at Hyatt?”

From left to right:
Amy Weinberg SVP, World of Hyatt & Consumer Insights
Hiring more female executives helps to recruit more women, but having policies and support for women holistically—from good maternity policies and networking lunches to female-led initiatives—is critical and also helps us advance more women at Hyatt.

Malaika Myers, Chief Human Resources Officer
Hyatt is investing in the development of female leaders through executive sponsorship and mentorship and internal and external development programs. Our Women@Hyatt Diversity Business Resource Group is a key part of this effort.

Susan Santiago, SVP, Select Service Operations
Our Women@Hyatt group provides insights into the challenges female executives face growing within the organization and finds ways to remove those obstacles. One example of this was extending the family leave benefit a few years ago.

Margaret Egan, General Counsel & Secretary
Our purpose—we care for people so they can be their best—is dependent, in part, on inclusion. We identify diverse talent within the organization and provide them with leadership development opportunities. I’m an example of that, having been promoted to general counsel from within the company.

Julienne Smith, SVP, Development & Owner Relations
I was immediately impressed by Hyatt’s focus on expanding our talent from a more diverse and balanced perspective when I joined 13 years ago. We continue to foster an atmosphere where connecting with and mentoring one another is encouraged and supported.

Joan Bottarini SVP, Finance—Americas
One of the many ways Hyatt is advancing women executives is identifying women early in their careers, providing the encouragement and support to take on challenging assignments. Through these opportunities, women experience what they are capable of, enabling them to learn and grow to reach their career goals.

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