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“What are you doing to champion women’s advancement in the workplace?”

Olga Bondarenko  Command Center Analyst • Ireland • I advocate for equity and access for women of all abilities, raise awareness of common workplace challenges, and partner with employee resource groups to build a diverse and inclusive workplace.

Mala Singh Chief People Officer • United States • I use my platform to ensure our practices and programs engage and develop women in our company. I’m a fierce advocate for hiring and promoting women into executive positions and other roles of power so they can help us create a diverse team and inclusive culture.

Cristina Rufeisen Senior Director, Information Technology • United States • Enthusiastic mentorship, sharing experiences, heartfelt encouragement, and being a thought partner to other women in our lifelong learning journeys. Mentorship creates a powerful snowball effect. I am also very active with SOMOS EA, our Hispanic/Latinx ERG.

Jodie Antypas Vice President , Research • United States • I focus on mentorship, advocacy, and building allies. Through mentorship, I help women understand how to effectively advocate for themselves and their contributions. I also encourage male peers to become allies and advocates and invite them to engage in gender diversity efforts.

Alka Du Mont Senior Implementation Manager, Marcom • United States • I amplify the voices of others and show gratitude to the inspiring women around me. I also invest my passion in promoting developmental and cultural events organized by our Women’s ERG and our Asian Pacific Islander ERG.

Nadine Blackburn Head of Global Inclusion, Diversity, Corporate Social Responsibility • United States • I collaborate with our business leaders to challenge systems and support inclusive behaviors that create an environment where women can show up authentically and deliver their best work. Together, we create intentional pathways that shine a light on opportunities for more equity in representation at all levels and participation in meaningful work that takes our business to the next level.

Molly Mason-Boule Vice President, EA Create • Canada • Acting as a connector is vital. I ensure women are connected and that their voices are heard. Giving a platform to other women is important to laddering up equity, representation, and impact.

Sola Kasali Activation Manager, Marcom • United Kingdom • Diverse backgrounds, varied experiences, diversity of thought—these attributes help create an amazing team. This is what I embody and advocate for every day.

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