Busting Bias: The Superpowers of Gen Z

Gen Z … is eager to make a lasting impact in companies that prioritize embracing their new perspectives.

by Na’kia Channey

The new generation of workers, Gen Z, brings fresh and innovative perspectives that are radically transforming workplaces today. The most racially and ethnically diverse generation, these qualities manifest in the workplace through a greatly heightened emphasis on diversity, equity, and inclusion. Gen Z’s unique insights have the potential to be organizational superpowers—qualities that can transform the way that we work today.

According to a study by Monster, 83 percent of gen Z, when choosing where to work, believe an employer’s commitment to DEI is significant. In a RippleMatch survey, 75 percent of gen Zers said they would reconsider applying to a company if they were unsatisfied with its DEI efforts.

A socially, politically, and globally conscious generation, gen Z is determined to use its strengths to help organizations be more inclusive, collaborative, and adaptable to the ever-changing needs of consumers. By dedicating efforts to develop these superpowers, organizations are bound to benefit immensely.

Championing the future of work: prioritizing flexibility and well-being

Gen Z leads the way in eradicating stigmas and promoting positive organizational approaches to mental health and work-life balance. It is driving companies to expand their offerings of mental health support and to rethink traditional work structures, both strategies that are shown to encourage better productivity and positive employee experience, particularly with caregivers and working mothers. Companies that engage gen Z in spearheading innovative well-being solutions are more likely to succeed in creating workplaces that work for all.

Taking a stance: encouraging business for social good

Tech-savvy gen Z excels not only in creating viral social media and branding campaigns that stick but also in crafting messages that convey meaning, purpose, and a call to action. Customers don’t solely purchase a product based on functionality—they also purchase based on ethics. Consumers reward companies that take vocal stances on social and political movements—and leveraging Gen Z’s commitment to advocacy can enhance a company’s reputation and resonance with a broader audience.

Fostering progress: encouraging mentorship, sponsorship, and cross-generational collaboration

Most gen Zers in organizations hold junior positions, so young professionals in particular recognize the value of fostering growth and mentorship initiatives to break down barriers to advancement. Research shows that all parties benefit from cross-generational collaboration and relationships that nurture career development. Leaders’ testimonials reveal that mentoring not only helps establish a lasting legacy but also significantly impacts career satisfaction and progression toward more senior positions for both mentee and mentor. Establishing cross-generational mentorship programs can benefit both the generations to come, and the leaders of today.

Gen Z, the most populous generation in the global workforce, is eager to make a lasting impact in companies that prioritize embracing their new perspectives. To stay competitive and attract fresh talent, companies can leverage this generation to refine their DEI approach, propelling organizations forward and setting new norms of working.

If companies are willing to invest, gen Z’s defining diverse and inclusive superpowers will prove to have exceptional, long-lasting impacts on the future of workplaces and society as a whole. DW

Na’kia Channey is an Insights and Impact Program manager at Google, where she oversees the production of the Diversity Annual Report, benchmarking efforts, and external engagements.

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