Best Home-Based Business Ideas

Turn your house into your central office with these homespun job opportunities:

eBay Consulting: More than 700,000 businesses use eBay as a marketplace to connect with consumers. They need help conducting market research, pricing strategies, shipping, and competitive analysis.

Selling on eBay: Sell used and new items on this great world market, but don’t invest in inventory until you have spent some time on eBay to make sure you can compete with sellers on price, and that there is a market for what you have to offer. Offer quality products, not junk.

Specialized Coaching: The coaching market has boomed in recent years, with specialized areas such as life, spiritual, corporate, relationship, and business coaching. Take a coaching program and put up your virtual shingle.

Children’s Arts Education: With schools reducing arts budgets and enrichment programs, the door is wide open for creative entrepreneurs who can offer after-school and weekend programs for kids in any of the arts.

Pet Sitting: More and more pet owners are hiring others to walk dogs, care for kitties, and provide their pets with companionship while they’re at work or on trips.

Clutter Busting: People are desperate to dump, recycle, sell, and find new homes for their junk––and have the stuff left in garages, storage units, drawers, and spare rooms attractively and functionally organized.

Personal Shopping: Busy executives are often willing to leave the onerous tasks of clothes shopping, tailoring, and cleaning to savvy outsiders.

Freelance Writing: Many companies, nonprofits, and educational institutions outsource writing assignments for their websites, news-letters, magazines, annual reports, and more.

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