“Appy”and Healthy

Whether you’re looking to shed pounds, sleep better, walk more, or keep track of worrisome symptoms, you’ll find an app to help. Here are some of the best.

Web based, iPhone, Android • Free (basic version)
Set weight-loss goals, create a daily calorie budget, log what you eat, and—with the help of some clean, colorful visuals—easily keep track of how you’re doing. A turbocharged version ($39.99/year) lets you track your blood glucose, body fat, and more. • loseit.com/how-it-works

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock
For iPhone • $0.99
Want to wake up more refreshed? This app monitors your movements while you slumber and wakes you during the lightest phase of your sleep (within the wake-up window you program). It also shows you graphs of your sleep each morning, so you can stay aware of how much rest you’re getting. • sleepcycle.com

For iPhone and Android • Free
This app keeps track of all your walking, running, and cycling activity, showing both distance traveled and calories burned. It’s always on and records your movement automatically. You can program it to record other physical activities too. • moves-app.com

For iPhone • $2.99
With this app, you can quickly note those small-but-
bothersome symptoms you’ve been meaning to talk to your doctor about, monitor how you respond to medication, and easily export the data when you’re ready for an office visit. • sympleapp.com

For iPhone and Android • Free
You can upload glucose readings from your monitor, view the data in graph form, and send it to your doctor. There’s also a food database to help you make healthy choices about what you eat. • glooko.com

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