Stories of Triumph Campaign

Celebrating 19 Years

Lend your story to the movement! All stories will be published on Our editor-in-chief will select 8-10 to be featured in our Fall 2024 issue of Diversity Woman Magazine.

The Story

We are looking for women all across the globe to share their career journeys and pivotal moments that inspired their careers and changed their lives forever.

  • Closed Doors – New Opportunities: Stories of rejection and your ability to achieve greatness in spite of or because of closed doors.
  • Passion and Purpose – Stories of success driven by passion and purpose – what challenges and roadblocks have you faced along the way and how did you weather those storms to fulfill your dreams.
  • Courage and Support – Stories of those companies and people who supported and sponsored your dreams. What role did they play in your career journey and how have they helped and supported you?
The Details
  • Submissions should be between 300 and 500 words
  • Protect anonymity – exclude specific company names and personal details from your closed door stories
  • Please include a photo or headshot with your name
  • Submit to (or fill in the form to the right)

The campaign will run throughout 2024 in honor of our 19th Anniversary and each month we will highlight success stories on At the end of the year, we will feature some of the stories in the issue of Diversity Woman Magazine that will be distributed at out 19th Annual Diversity Women’s Business Leadership Conference.

I know there are thousands of women who have similar stories. Stories of triumph in the face of adversity. Stories of passion-driven purpose and prosperity. Stories of courage – of leaders and companies that have been on this journey with us. And we want to hear them all!

In celebration of Diversity Woman Media’s 19th anniversary this month, we are launching our Stories of Triumph Campaign!  Lend your story to the movement.

Celebrating 19 Years! Join us for the celebration and for an opportunity to have your success story featured in Diversity Woman Magazine!

Successfully yours!
Dr. Sheila Robinson
Chief Publishing Executive

A CEO Once Told Me I Was Not The Right Fit

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