Diversity Woman Media is the leading, fully-integrated professional and executive leadership development enterprise and community that advocates for diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging.

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 We provide many collective programs, experiences and resources to help you navigate these challenging — and often sensitive — topics:


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It’s time to bring forward-thinking collaboration and “what is possible” to the forefront. Our two publications — Diversity Woman Magazine and Inclusion Magazine — present the extraordinary and fiercest minds of leaders, executives, and industry professionals to exchange ideas on the most significant issues.

Diversity Woman Magazine is the essential business magazine and community for women professionals and executives, with an initiative to support leadership and executive management development for all women of all races, cultures and backgrounds. Through an exchange of resources, knowledge, insights, and research, you will continue to transform your career and celebrate your successes.

Inclusion Magazine is the premier inclusive business magazine with a community of professionals and executives who champion equity and equality in the workplace. This consortium of thinkers and innovators focus to provide resources, insights and practices to develop fully-represented teams, create global initiatives, discuss solutions and build culturally competent corporate structures.

Leadership Academy

Our Leadership Academy is a series of exclusive master classes and workshops designed particularly to hone and focus on your business and leadership development, mentoring, skill enhancement and empowerment. Led by facilitators and experts, each program provides practical core competencies and supports the critical skill sets needed and experiences of women of color. These trainings provide you the opportunity to invest in yourself, and not only address but overcome challenges you experience as a professional.


Move Forward with Purpose

Our monthly webinars are carefully-curated conversations designed to present relevant solutions and tools for increasing resilience, while staying focused, productive and positive. Our newest webinar series, Wellness Wednesdays, is hosted the last Wednesday of every month at noon EST by Diversity Woman Media Publisher and CEO, Dr. Sheila Robinson. You can also view past recordings from our Moving Forward series that was held last year. These powerful sessions are free and open to everyone.


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Thank You to Our Sponsors of the Past 15 Years

Our partners represent a cultural evolution — and revolution at times — among global corporations willing to source and integrate innovative strategies and best practices. Below are our partners who have pledged to institute diversity changes through their partnership with us.