Diversity Woman is a bold enterprise, and a necessary one.

10YearCoverOur business-focused editorial content is designed for women business leaders, executives, and entrepreneurs of all races, cultures, and backgrounds, who have unique interests and concerns. Diversity Woman is the only magazine on the market designed exclusively to help smart, savvy diverse and multicultural women leaders achieve their career and business goals. Each issue is brimming with insights from women business leaders and other experts who speak from real world experience, offering sage advice, information, and inspiration.

Diversity Woman also plays a mentorship role. Both the magazine and Web site serve as a forum and membership directory to connect aspiring businesswomen directly with other women in leadership roles.

Of course, Diversity Woman is more than a magazine—it is an integrated print, event, and online business focused on business and leadership development, mentoring, skill enhancement, and empowerment. So whether you want to learn, network, or just get inspired, you can do it all right here!

Editorial Staff

Editor In Chief:  Jackie Krentzman

Design Director:  Cathy Krizik

Managing Editor:  Kimberly Olson

Copy Editor:  Judith Dunham

Proofreader:  Sharon Silva

Assistant Editor:  Eddie Lee

Meet Dr. Sheila Robinson

Founder and Publisher, Diversity Woman Media

Dr. Sheila Robinson has more than 20 years of experience in corporate America in leadership roles ranging from project management to global marketing. While her roles were always challenging, they were never completely satisfying. Sheila realized that she, and many other women, were simply bypassed on the executive development track. As a result, she developed a passion for mentoring and leadership development for women, particularly women of various ethnic backgrounds.

In 2004, Sheila decided to follow her passion. Her first step was launching a regional publication, Career Network magazine, geared toward helping individuals in North Carolina who were experiencing the same types of obstacles she had faced throughout her career. Career Network provided ideas, solutions, and resources to business professionals, from recent college graduates to high-level executives. Sheila also organized several Women’s Leadership Empowerment Conferences aimed at connecting female business leaders.

Sheila’s next step was to launch a national magazine, Diversity Woman. With its tagline “Leadership Empowerment for Women Who Mean Business,” the magazine is a thought-provoking and entertaining resource for female executives and entrepreneurs of all races and backgrounds—and the only magazine geared specifically toward this sizable demographic.

Professional Certifications:

Author of Lead by Example

Lead by Example Book CoverSheila is also the author of Lead By Example, a guide to leadership for today’s businesswomen—corporate professionals and entrepreneurs. In it you’ll hear from Dr. Sheila Robinson and other top women leaders on topics that are relevant to your career and life challenges. Using their experiences as a backdrop, these enterprising women discuss everything from managing with power to the importance of time alone, from hiring the right employees to overcoming obstacles at work. You’ll be inspired and enlightened by their stories, and will feel empowered as you reach for the stars in your career.

Find Lead by Example on Amazon.

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