CEO Woman

Reshoring: Made in the USA

Mei Xu had her entrepreneurial epiphany while walking through a high church of capitalism: Bloomie’s.

Money Matters

Keeping Score: Reading Your Credit Report

To reach and maintain the holy grail of a high credit score—generally in the mid- to high 700s—it’s important to underst...


The Cultural Connection

When Lisa Skriloff launched a niche business focused on diversity marketing in New York City 15 years ago, many of her p...

Power Suit

From NBC to Hoops

Someday Paula Madison will finally be able to retire. She’s been trying for five years, but she’s discovered that there...

Take the Lead

He Said What?

It’s time for your annual review and compensation meeting. You take a deep breath, walk into your supervisor’s office, a...

To Your Health

Time to Heal

Unfortunately, issues relating to medical leave in the workplace are common and can stem from employees or employers not...

Diversity Women’s Conference