Vitamins 101 for Women

A healthy, balanced diet, reduces the need for vitamins and supplements. Find out which ones you might still need. By Nora Isaacs To supplement or not...

The State of Gender Diversity 2017

How Does Gender Diversity Fit into Your D&I Strategy? Diversity Woman asked nine diversity and inclusion leaders to describe their organization’s...

Jumping at the Sun

Throughout her extraordinary life, Dr. Johnnetta B. Cole has not only reached for the sun but has shone that light on others by Jackie Krentzman Photo...

CEO Woman

Cruising to Success

In 1990, Judy Dlugacz, the founder and owner of Olivia Records, the first woman-owned record company, wanted to take a c...

Money Matters

Give Yourself a Holiday Gift

Before the end of the year, all it takes is a few easy steps to maximize your tax savings. Then come April, you’ll be th...


Moving Up – Without Moving On

Follow these steps to take your career to the next level—without leaving your current job.

Power Suit

From Vineyard Worker to Vintner

Amelia Morán Ceja’s family moved from the small village of Las Flores, Jalisco, Mexico, to Napa Valley when she was 12 y...

Take the Lead

We’re Number One!

When it comes to diversity and inclusion, what is the true measure of success?

To Your Health

Transforming Healthcare

Women leaders are uniquely positioned to drive change By Heather Boerner When Christine Candio started as a bedside nurs...

Diversity Women’s Conference