CEO Woman

Chere Chase Gregory: Putting Women’s Health First

“Women are often most focused on being caregivers, and we’re helping them to be care receivers,” says Dr. Chere Chase Gr...

Money Matters

Be Your Own Boss

The process of starting a business is as varied as the businesses themselves. But there are fundamentals that anyone thi...


Boosting Your Business with Social Media: Five Tips to Get Started

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Power Suit

Bytes, Coffee and Pizza Dough

When Janet Parker had been at IBM for about 10 years, she realized she had a solid career in place—and panicked. “I had...

Take the Lead

The Sponsor Advantage

Mentors and role models can help guide you. But to rise into the C-suite, you might need a sponsor.

To Your Health

Workday Willpower

When it comes to making healthful choices, the workplace is full of pitfalls.

Diversity Women’s Conference