• Bridging the Tech Gap


    When Kathryn Finney was young, she saw firsthand how immersion in technology could transform a life.

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  • The Miami Entertainment Machine


    With seven Grammys and more than 100 million records sold, Gloria Estefan is best known as a Latin music superstar.

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  • Explaining Gender Differences at the Top


    Over the years, scholars have uncovered several reasons for the persistent gender gap in the upper echelons of corporate structures.

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  • The Power of No!

    Young woman, close-up of hand

    Nowadays, it seems like just about everybody with a job feels overloaded. Yet saying no to additional work can be tricky. These tips from social psychologist Susan Newman, author of The Book of NO, may help. Keep your goals in mind. Some extra work is worth doing if it moves your career in the direction you want to go. When you say yes, do so strategically—to projects that will teach you something you want to […]

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